This Monkey's Gone to Heaven

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Smash Your Love!

with Meaghan Kennedy of Your Piñata


About the workshop

This Piñata building workshop Includes everything you need to make a human body to smash! Create your lover in a Piñata form and fill 'em with candy! Maybe even an ex partner you'd love to rip apart?


Have someone specific in mind? Awesome - Let us know the eyes and hair colour, in the form below! SO FUN!

We love it when friends of lovers comes to this workshop together to make each other!
And WAIT THATS NOT ALL. We will also leave you with a fun little bag of Valentines candies to fill up your pinatas!

February 11th, 12 - 3pm
Class Fee - $60

Request your spot by filling out this form OR by sending us an email to

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About the Teacher

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Meaghan Kennedy made her first piñata over five years ago for a local cable access show, she immediately fell in love with the craft and left the world of high-end retail to pursue a whole new career as a professional piñata artist.
Her one-of-a kind papier mache creations have been commissioned by clients around the world, and have been displayed in BC restaurants like The Mexican Corner in Whistler, The Galloping Goose in Victoria, who commissioned a large-scale papier mache goose, and a permanent collection of pinatas hangs at Aphrodite’s Organic Café in Vancouver. Over the last few years she has been a featured at artist at art shows hosted by Masik Studios, Ion Magazine’s Pop-Up Art Shows and Hot Art Wet City (upcoming).
Meaghan has been featured as an Artist in Residency for Pop Culture Activist Rusty Blazenhoff’s Electric Dreams Inbox Zine. She was also selected for the Interesting Vancouver speaker series at the Museum of Vancouver and as a part of Hot Art Wet City’s Artist Profile video series.
Pinatas have been commissioned for every LUSH Cosmetics store across North America, as well as for The Vampire Diaries cast and the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week Wrap Party. Animals, politicians, stars and kids—anyone can become a piñata when Meaghan gets to work.
Meaghan and her piñatas have been featured in:
•The Ellen DeGeneres Show
•Huffington Post
•The Globe and Mail
•Steele on Your Side (CTV News)
•Elle Canada
•Vancouver is Awesome
•Ion Magazine
*This Hour Has 22 Minutes
*The Georgia Straight
Fresh, funny and best of all, fun, Your Piñata creations are perfect for any occasion—weddings, birthdays, parties, anniversaries, holidays and special events of all kinds. Celebrities to CEOs, Meaghan’s made just about everything and everyone—and you could be next!