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Intermediate Taxidermy


About the Class

The subject of the new class is – drum role please – Baby Chicks!

This class will teach students everything they need to know about the proper taxidermy technique for very delicate specimen. All the tips, tricks, and techniques for a successful chick mount!

Students will learn everything involved in the production of a fully finished taxidermy mount, including initial preparation, hygiene and sanitary measures, fleshing, and dry preservation.
Once properly preserved, the chicks can be posed and outfitted as each student desires (just like your mouse).

*Although a selection of props will be available for purchase at the shop, students are also welcome to bring their own accessories and bases; all other materials will be supplied. Each student will leave class with a fully finished piece, and the knowledge they need to create their own
pieces in the future!


About the Teacher

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Jonna Lepeska graduated from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Scotland 2011 as Batchelor of Arts in Theatre Production with Honours and Distinction. She specialized in Scenic Art and has worked with the Finnish National Opera, BBC Scotland, in several film, theatre, and event companies in Finland, UK and UAE. 

Jonna was born in Helsinki, Finland 1979. She now lives in Vancouver BC, Canada and is pursuing her career in the film industry. 

She spends her free time collecting small items from nature, making micro world installations including insects, bugs and small mammals that she stuffs herself. She runs workshops for adults "Stuff The Rat, taxidermy", "Re-vamp Your Furniture" and "Make Your Own Micro World" have all been sold out. Jonna was part of the Helsinki Design Week in 2016 with her"micro world" workshop which was a huge success. 

She also paints murals and re-vamps furniture for private properties, restaurants, shops etc. So do not hesitate to get in touch!



Sunday, June 17 12:00pm-4:00pm!
$325.00 +tax

***Prerequisites Students must have completed Jonna’s Taxidermy for Beginners Workshop previously

How do I sign up/enroll?

If you are interested in taking part in this class, we can confirm your enrolment by either planning a call to exchange your credit card information over the phone, or you can E-Transfer your payment to with the password being: babychick (one word, all lowercase letters). 

*Please be sure to note on your E-Transfer the date and name of the class you are registering for, along with a contact number that you can be reached at. You will receive a confirmation email from your financial institution once the payment has been completed/accepted.